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A Bit About the Goals of The Bella Project Site

Hello Everyone!

Thought I'd expand a bit on what I want to achieve with this site.  As a user of Second Life for a few years, I've come a long way since those first days inworld.  I've gathered a whole bunch of knowledge on a variety of topics, explored quite a bit but haven't come close to seeing it all, and hung out with some amazing people and generally I'm having a blast.

Blogging Information

I'm basically a rogue blogger (i.e. unsponsored) who loves Second Life and appreciates all the creators in it who work hard to make Second Life the awesome place it is.

It's going to be my policy to keep it positive.  I've been around awhile and I usually get a demo for something and if the item isn't as advertised, or undelivered, or the vendor is borked...I don't worry about it too much.  I might write a creator and then that's it...they get back to me or they don't.  If I have a nice exchange with a creator or if their customer service was excellent, I so appreciate that and will mention it.  If they don't they're probably busy.

I kinda side with the creators mostly anyway.  I try to be a bit flexible in my approach and work on that.

I'm not on the cutting edge of fashion anyways.  I'm in the trenches and on the fringe.  There's plenty of great bloggers and Flickr pages of people grabbing the latest and greatest thing and blogging about it.  I'm sometimes not one of those people.  I wait a week before I try to get into the latest Event if I even go at all.

What I am good at is digging through my closets to find some great things I love and sticking them together to make a nice ensembles.  That's what I'm going to be able to share with everyone.  My love of fashion and music and art.  Hopefully my Tips section helps someone; my Club, DJ or live music suggestions give you somewhere to party; my favorite places to explore will inspire you to start your own journeys, and my fashion pieces give you ideas and inspire you in that way.

Thanks for visiting and for your support and maybe we'll bump into each other in Second Life!

Web Developer:  Bella Oxmyx
Second Life Profile: Bella Oxmyx
E-mail:  bellaoxmyx@hotmail.com

Photography Sources:   Stock photos I have purchased, my Flickr, and my own Second Life photography. (There are no real life images of me on this site.)

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