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The Other Guys...Part I

Let's face facts. Many of us have mesh bodies now and some of us have multiple mesh bodies.  As I watch the Group Chat in a few groups, I can see that there are some clothing designers whose names come up time and again when people are looking for clothes to fit their mesh bodies.

This post isn't about those guys.

It's about "The Other Guys"...

...brilliant mesh designers whose work may be getting overlooked by quantities of people, (possibly quite a few new to the mesh body scene) who may mistakenly believe that mesh clothes designed only for their specific mesh body will fit them.

I like to look around, and if I find something I like, I take a chance and get the Demo, whether or not it says it's for my mesh bod.

Bardot 1934 Outfit

Bardot Roma tank top by Emery 

Stretch Pencil Skirt (Bordeaux) 
by Coco Designs

Slurl to Coco

Delfine Gold Belt by GeWunjo

Hair:  Anna by EMO-tions
(may not be available on MP at this time)
EMO-tions on the Marketplace
Slurl to EMO-tions


Hey, it's nice to get a pretty near perfect fit for clothes.  I won't disagree with that . . .

. . .  yet there are so many great pieces out there and so many mesh clothing designers doing amazing things with mesh that I can't cover it all in one post so I'll be starting a new series called "The Other Guys" dedicated to showcasing some great styles from a wide range of shops.  Some well known and some less well known.


(pink option shown above includes sunglasses necklace accessory)

Top:Mischa by Legendaire
Pants:  "Back for Good"--New Year's 2016 In-Store Hunt Item #20
Shoes:  Blair Plateau by -KC-
Hair:Vanity LadyBoy Blondes
Pose:Elsie by Bauahus Movement

Owner:  Olivia DeCuir Legendaire's Website Group Joiner
(Cost $150)
Slurl to Legendaire

Main Photo:  "The Other Guys"

Legendaire is a fun shop to visit that has lots of energy going with Sales from 70L, Gifts and a New Year's Hunt with incredible prizes for just 20L each.  

I'm sure with all of the promotions Legendaire is offering, that even when the New Year's In-Store Hunt ends, there will be lots of future opportunities for you to grab some amazing deals.

Top and Skirt:  Mischa by Legendaire
Heels:Malva by Glamistry
Pearls:Classic Pearls Multistrands Long Necklace by Lazuri
Hair:Celso by Tukinowaguma
Pose:Adelaide by oOo junkDrawer Studio Poses

Pia's Choice by Maci

Pia's Choice mesh dress from Maci

Hair:  Lisbeth II from [Burley]
Slurl to [Burley]

This hair is featured on their Tumblr page.

Pose:  Moody One by junkDrawer oOo Studio Poses
Slurl to JunkDrawer

Maybe someday all clothes will automatically fit to perfection every time.  Maybe mirrors will show our reflections and meadow breezes will blow our mesh hair.  Maybe there will be no lag, no griefers and when we sit, we won't disappear into chairs.

Until then, I'll keep bringing up the rear and going back through my closets and taking my time to hunt out some great finds to share that might be a bit off the beaten path.

Let's go see what's out there.

Other Credits

The Other Guys Picture (Top):

Mesh Head:Julia by Genesis Labs (gacha)Genesis Labs Main Store Slurl
Freezea Fluture on FlickrMarketplace

Other Mesh Heads:

Mesh Head:Lelutka Stella Lelutka Main Store Slurl
Skin: *YS&YS* Malika*YS&YS* Mainstore Slurl
Ears:Steking Season 5 by MandalaMandala Main Store Slurl
Mandala on the Marketplace

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