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This page is devoted to featuring DJ's and Live Music Performer's In Second Life....check it out...

A Brief Explanation of these links...I am including clubs, performers and DJ's that I've actually seen, enjoy, and feel confident to recommend.  I can't really recommend or list clubs I've never been to.  However, I am more than happy to accept and include any DJ's, Music Group's, Performer's or Club Friend's (Affiliate Clubs) recomendations (listed below) and include them with your info. Who inspires you? Who do you listen to? What are your influences? I will gladly include anything you want to add with your bio info.
If you have a suggestion for a club you feel should be included, feel free to send me an Email: bellaoxmyx@hotmail.com or feel free to add comments below and I will really try to get out to see the show.


Seth Regan aka Mankind Tracer in Second Life


I had the pleasure of catching Mankind Tracer's live performance a few weeks' ago at the opening of his new rock clothing store.  I first heard him singing live along with a Pink Floyd tune before the show started.  I thought he was the Host--didn't know who he was but thought at the time, "Wow.  That guy ought to try singing as a career."  Little did I know...

...His shows are a mix of classic rock, new rock, and his amazing original songs and the atmosphere is always positive and upbeat.  Good vibes all around.

He just opened a new Marketplace shop: R:O:K Store with his business partner/manager, Brandy Maltas (Kalli Birman in SL), featuring rock-inspired gear.  With his popularity and large Second Life Group, Friends of Mankind, it's sure to be a big success and I wish them all the best.

Here are his vitals:

Second Life Profile Page:  https://my.secondlife.com/mankind.tracer/#about_tab
Official Site:  The Official Seth Regan/Mankind Tracer Website
Seth's Official Blog:  The Official Blog of Seth Regan
Event Calendar:  Seth Regan/Mankind Tracer Events Calendar
Marketplace Shop:  R:O:K Store
Inworld Group:  Friends of Mankind
Brandy's Blog:  Brandy's Journey


DJ Sky Broome

Sky is one of my favorite DJ's in Second Life.  I tried to get out to her weekend Spotlight sets she used to do focusing on one band's songs each week (Project Pitchfork et al.) and along with the informative commentary on the band's bio--it was one of the things I enjoyed most about visiting the clubs she DJ'd at.  Also, she would give me her set cards with the songs so that I could check the bands out later on my own.  I still have those cards.  (I would never throw out anything Sky Broome gave me, even if it was an old shoe or something--I'd take it home and make a shrine for it.)

Her specialty is Goth but she says she loves the Industrial Stompage. She's in demand and so be sure to join her DJ Group: DJane Sky Dancing Into The Dark or check her Profile for Club details and set times.

She's also a DJ for Nightbreed Radio so be sure to check out her show!

DJ Sky Broome's Profile Page
Sky Broome's DJ Group:  DJane Sky Dancing in the Dark
Flickr:  skyjenny's Photostream
Radio Show:  Check out DJ Sky's Show

DJ Weylyn Connolly

"Group so you know the 411 on when/where I'm DJing at. Have been a DJ on SL for the past year. Open to doing guest sets or for hire. Located in the upper east coast of the USA. Genres: Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Dubstep, Electro, Industrial, EBM, House..."

DJ Weylyn's Profile Page

DJ Group: \m/ High Wey To Hell \m/

I'm on Facebook even :P 

Monday - 4-6pm SLT @ RIVETZ
Tuesday - 4-6pm SLT @ Heavenly Male
                   7-9pm SLT @ Kitty Kickers
Thursday - 4-6pm SLT @ RIVETZ
Friday - 6-8pm SLT @ Kitty Kickers
Saturday - 6-8pm SLT @ RIVETZ

† DJ Toxx Zombie Boy † (aka toxxicshadow)

...and check out his Top Picks in his Profile for other locations

Don't miss this popular DJ if you get the chance!  Spinnin' Frenchcore, Speedcore and a little Hardcore, he really knows his 'core'.   Lots of people come out to see him and his sets are always innovative and energetic.  He keeps his dog next to him and I wouldn't try to pet him!  Check out his schedule or Join his Group and try to keep up with him!

DJ Toxx Zombie's Profile Page
Group: DJ Zombie Boy's Followers
Flickr Page
† Official Zombie Boy Page † 
Tumblr:  http://zombieboysl.tumblr.com/ 


I have caught a few sets from DJ Icey and he certainly knows his Industrial tunes.  He started as a Rock and Country music DJ, but he was drawn to the Industrial music scene from the beginning.  He started hanging out in some Industrial spots and made the jump to DJ'ing in a couple of clubs.  When RIVETZ opened, he was a natural choice to join their team and as he says, "When RIVETS opened, they gave me a shout and here i am =D".

DJ Icey sounds like he's having alot of fun in SL--he's hosted, he DJ's, and he breeds and sells Meeroos with his best friend. (See below for details on where to pick up you're very own Meeroo. They're cute!)

DJ Icey's Profile Page
DJ Icey's Group:  The Iceman Cult
Landmark to DJ Icey's Meeroo Shop inworld

DJ Wulf

 "DJ in Second Life for over four years.  Started out as a Punk Rock DJ moving on to play in various clubs around the grid.  Primarily play Industrial and Punk--those being the types of music I like to hear.  I have found that if I play what I want to hear the crowd usually has a good time and enjoys the tunes.  My sets tend to be full of energy and fun for everyone.  I do play requests within reason in respect to the genres played at the club.

Punk Rock is my roots, it's the music that got me through some hard times in life by keeping a smile on my face.  The attitude and lack of respect for the establishment is a part of me.

The goal is to change things for the better one song at a time.  If you leave my set happy and with a tune in your head that makes you smile then I've done a great thing."

DJ Wulf's Profile Page
DJ Wulf's Group:  DJ Littlewulf Groupies
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/DJ-Wulf/433007410185127
Listen on the Web at:

DJ Frznflm

Djed since:  2010
Inspired by:  Alexi Ayres
Group:  ---))) The Echo (((---

+ I try to keep the flow of the set, even with requests.
+ I experiment by mixing, creating a seamless flow of sound and music.
+ My music goal is to create the one sound that can move the souls.


+ Mainly Chillout/Ambient.
+ Experimenting on Dark Techno, Dark Ambient, Witch House.
+ Deeply familiar with all other genres.

Song Library:  Holding at least 40 different genre and still growing.

Affiliated with:   Singularity Tribe & DEA//Dark Electronic Aesthetic

Mixcloud:  https://www.mixcloud.com/Frznflm/



When we're away, we keep the lights on and the radio
blasting with Constantine Radio so come hang out!
RIVETZ is a public venue that was created and is owned by DJ Sophie Rivetz (sophiademure Resident).

RIVETZ Industrial Stomping Groundz was created to be a meeting place for Rivetheads, the die-hard fans of the Industrial music scene. At Rivetz we welcome people of all kinds who want to hang out and listen to genres of music that fall under the Industrial umbrella and other closely related genres with a synth and/or electro sound.

DJ Sophie's Profile Page
Sophie's Facebook
RIVETZ Facebook
Email: sophiademure7@gmail.com 

We are currently booking DJ's for live sets on Saturdays through Thursdays 12 Noon to 12 Midnight Pacific time. We are technically closed on Fridays...unless we feel like having a spontaneous party!

Friends of RIVETZ:
Constantine Radio   Club Zero (Stay Tuned!)
COMAsylum (Landmark Coming Soon!)   [SMASH]-Elite Music Club



Club Photo Courtesy of Scarlett Rhea    

If you love to listen to great music in a stunning futuristic venue, then come experience Second Life's newest Industrial Club and Lounge--Dark Hive.
Dark Hive Radio

It's the latest club to promote the underground electronic music scene designed and built with custom mesh as a labor of love from a Second Life veteran--gяιм (RadicalRazor).  I spoke recently to gяιм about the direction for the club with it's innovative style and neutral color palette and he explained how he wanted to create a welcoming place to enjoy music and that all electronic music genres are promoted at [: Dark Hive :]

Monochrome Is Our Life

Photo by Scarlett Rhea
The club's motto "Monochrome is Our Life" reflects the tone gяιм wants to share with us, which is one of "neutrality".  His vision is to be open to all styles of electronic music with an impressive talent lineup including DJ's spinning the latest and the greatest music from the Industrial, House, Psy, Techno, Dark Ambient, and Noise genres.  He even has four real life Music Producers ready to party and showcase their music with styles ranging from Industrial to Experimental Techno.  gяιм explains, "I also encourage bands, to promote their albums, as this venue is made to promote music!"

Dark Hive Graphic

gяιм wants to keep his goal to promote music in the underground scene by offering an Open Stage for DJ's to spin their latest creations.  Please contact him for additional info.

There are some exciting future live events planned for [: Dark Hive :] as well as a long list of Second Life's best DJ's spinning 7 days a week. So turn your graphics up to Ultra, put your headphones on and get ready to have an amazing time at [: Dark Hive :].  I certainly do.

Dark Hive Links:

Owner gяιм (RadicalRazor)
Follow Razor on Mixcloud:  https://www.mixcloud.com/RadicalRazor/
Group Info:  Dark Hive Group Information Page
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Dark-Hive-1522390084754033/

Main Club Slurl:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Celaeno/187/231/3502
Sub Stage Slurl:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Celaeno/179/81/3502

Photographer:  Scarlett Rhea's Flickr Page


Constantine Radio

Welcome to Constantine Radio!  Here you will find some of the best Industrial music on the planet and keep up with events and news from your favorite Industrial artists and DJs!  Check it out and drop me a note with comments, suggestions, or requests to add your favorite tracks and/or artists!

Enjoy the music at home, at work, or in your car...on a plane or on a train..(we're never that far?), and of course on the Second Life grid as well.

Feel free to Contact Us with questions, suggestions, or comments.

Much love,

Vinscent Constantine
Owner of: Constantine Radio

Email Me: vinscent@constantineradio.com
Check it out here:  Constantine Radio Stream
Official Website:  constantineradio.com
Facebook:  facebook.com/constantineradio
Twitter:   @constantineradi

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